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June 02, 2014


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Bob McGaughey

My current configuration for this machine is a HP Eltie Book 8760w which is about 3 years old with a Nvidia Quadro 3000m card. Many cards can do 4k displays now for pretty inexpensive. If you are not running SolidWorks, you should be if you are reading my stuff a Intel® DC3217IYE Desktop Computer, which is only 300 bucks can do 4k resolution with is Intel 4000 HD video card. If your computer has a display port like mine, make sure to get an "active" display port to hdmi adapter. “Active” means the monitor and computer can pass data back and forth. Which out that type of adapter the computer will not see the monitor as being about to go to 4k, you'd just get HD 1920x 1080

john white

What video card are you using?

What kind of computer is required to run one of these? How much do they cost?

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