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May 31, 2013


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George Arf

Not so good! While this is great for this grease "part" that is used 4 times on identical shafts, how do you handle using this circular grease "part" between 2 flat surfaces? Or how about a shaft that is twice the diameter of the shafts in this example, because now the raceway of grease is inside the shaft or on top of the shaft surface.
Do you create infinite configurations or recreate the part for the application every time and then what? Make it virtual?

This is an issue I've been fighting with for years but it is much further down the list of Solidworks issued such as #1.

Why the f**k does Solidworks insist on changing any or all my previous mates when I try to add a conflicting mate and how do I stop it from doing so. When I mate, the first mate is the most important but yet eight or ten mates later while mating the 4th additional part suddenly Solidworks tells me that it has changed other mates because (apparently) I attempted an illegal mate.

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